Friday, June 1, 2018

May 2018 Updates

Advisory Service Update

Planning for site visits is in full swing! Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey and provided feedback so far.

Please remember that the deadline to confirm your interest in receiving a site visit this year is June 15th. If you haven't already done so, please contact me as soon as possible to express your interest. This ensures we have an opportunity to plan the best visit possible that caters to your site's needs. I have done my best to accommodate the majority of the blackout dates but please remember that I visit 50+ institutions across NS. The routes are planned with museums in close proximity in mind to make the most of the trips. Thanks in advance for your understanding if I was unable to accommodate your request. Again, the schedule will be circulated by email very soon. We are in the process of planning your customized visits and have lots of great things in store!

*Please contact me by email ( to confirm interest in receiving a site visit if you did not fill out the survey in time.*

CollectiveAccess Update

There are now 289, 842 artifacts documented with 166,458 associated images, which means that 288 new records and 754 new images have been added to CollectiveAccess this month - great work everyone!

Here's what the numbers look like at the regional level:

Southwest -127252 artifacts, 62330 images
Central -  99861 artifacts, 46670 images
Northeast -  33146 artifacts, 42495 images
Cape Breton -  29583 artifacts, 14963 images

As you prepare for database work this summer, it is important to contact me by email: to set up accounts for your students and volunteers. It is important that they each use their own account so that you can monitor changes. A friendly reminder that the curator level account has more features that should only be accessible to the curator. Please do not share this account.

Please share the CollectiveAccess manual and YouTube tutorials with your team before assigning database work.

myNovaMuse - Contributor Galleries

New galleries are starting to appear! The most recent is from the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum. This feature is a perfect way for you to build your museum's online presence. It is an opportunity for you to work with your summer students and volunteers to make something great to share with your online audience.  Is this feature new to you? No problem! Learn how to create your own galleries by watching our YouTube tutorial - click here. Your username and passwords were sent to your emails late last year.

Browse the galleries by clicking here!

Membership Update

Our current membership year is coming to an end! June 1st marks the start of a new membership year (2018/19)! Check your mailboxes to find your membership renewal package; it contains ANSM updates, information on how to renew either online or by cheque, award information, and more.

For Advisory Service Members: Please note that site visits this year will not be made without prior receipt of your 2018/19 Advisory Fees. 

Museum Evaluation Program 2018 Update

The Museum Evaluation Program 2018 continues along in the documentation review phase. Cathy Blackbourn is working with us during Karin's maternity leave to help museum organisations participating in this year's evaluations. Evaluator teams are selected and the schedule is set! Evaluations will take place this summer between July 9-27, 2018.

In Other News

Photo Kit - we have a new addition to our photo kit! Available to members to borrow for a 3 week period. Please let me know if you'd be interested by email:

The Canadian Association for the Conservation of Cultural Property (CAC) and the Canadian Association of Professional Conservators (CAPC) invite you to contribute to a nation-wide survey on heritage collection health in Canada. The objective of this survey is to collect data that can be used for advocacy campaigns, fundraising, programming or planning by a variety of associations and organizations.
Who should answer this survey:  Staff from museums, libraries, archives, art galleries or cultural centres with heritage collections that are accessible to the public. Only one response per institution please. The respondent should be familiar with the collection and facilities, and be able to obtain basic financial and staffing information.

Follow the link here to answer the survey
It is 30 questions in length, and should only take 15 minutes to complete – a small time commitment to make an impact!
For more information, or for a .pdf version of this survey, please visit the News section of the ANSM website, here.

ANSM is pleased to announce the 2018 nomination call for the Award for Excellence in Museum Practices. 

Each year since 2013, ANSM has presented the Award for Excellence in Museum Practices Individual Contribution to a museum employee or volunteer who has gone above and beyond to make a significant contribution to the museum field. Recipients of this award have made remarkable efforts to increase knowledge about Nova Scotia’s history through exemplary museum practices. Nominating someone from your museum is a great way to acknowledge their efforts to enrich our museum community.

To learn more and to print a copy of the nomination form, please visit the Awards section of the ANSM website, here. Deadline for nominations is June 30th 2018.

Save the Dates! 2018 AGM & Conference - September 26-28

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Nova Scotia Museums will be held at 2pm on September 27th at Kings Theatre, Annapolis Royal.

The AGM will be held in conjunction with our annual conference, this year held in partnership with the Town of Annapolis Royal and the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia, and will take place September 26-28 in Annapolis Royal.