Monday, August 20, 2012

Hope says goodbye

Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum
Sable Stole
Admiral Digby Museum
As my final week with the Association of Nova Scotia Museums is coming to a close I felt it was time to reflect on the past 15 weeks.

I have learned a lot. I have skills to take into my future career from every project that I worked on this summer. I have travelled all across the province and worked with some great people. I have seen some amazing collections and photographed some stunning textile pieces. 

Stewardess Uniform
Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum
Royal Engineers Uniform
Army Museum

I have been privileged enough to work in the database and help get things ready for the upcoming NovaMuse collections website launch. There was a lot of cake and cheese to be had (separately of course). I have done and learned so much it is hard to express it in a few sentences. What I can express are the number totals from the textile project that was my focus for the summer.


Flapper Dress
Colchester Historeum
Wedding Dress
Fultz House Museum

Sites Visited: 13 (we were aiming for ten, so happy that we made it to more)

Artifacts Photographed: 332 (the goal was 250, we almost surpassed it by 100!)

Images Uploaded: 1091

James House Museum
Air Force Uniform
Kings County Museum

You may not know/remember but I am a huge costume history nerd so working on this project was heaven for me. Here is a selection of one of my favourite items from each visit.

Parkdale-Maplewood Community Museum
Queens County Museum

Everyone had such a wide variety of items it was hard to pick favourites, but the ones that I have selected stood out to me for one reason or another.

Randall House Museum
Shelburne County Museum
Thank you to everyone that I have worked with this summer, you made my job a whole lot easier! Sites were hard at work entering new records and hunting information down so that I could upload the images from our visits. At some point in the future my research project, a manual for the photography kit, will be available as a resource on the ANSM website. I hope that my work here has been useful to the ANSM and their members and I wish you all the best of luck in the future!

~ Hope   

Wallace and Area Museum


Laura said...

wow, those are some gorgeous pieces

Karin said...

admit it Laura, you like the stewardness uniform best ;)

J Goreham-Penney said...

Looks like you had a great summer, what lovely pieces you got to photograph this year. All the best to you as you continue your studies, Hope!