Friday, August 5, 2011

July 2011 Update

Database Renewal Project
Now that I'm spending 80% of my time traveling around the province, the migration has slowed down a bit.  In July we switched over another 6 museums, bringing our grand total to 40.  We may not be ahead of schedule anymore, but we're still working away and seeing some very nice progress.
I know that people are actively working in the new system and adding lots of photos and information to their records.  It's great to see such progress and to hear that everyone is pleased with their new museum toy.  As a reminder, please try to narrow down your begin & end dates for when the artifact was made.  This will be very important to the public website, aka phase II of the renewal project.

Site Visits
, aka Karin on the road
I spent a lot of time on the road in July, visiting 12 sites across the province.  August is going to be even busier now that the majority of migrations are done.  Aside from this past week, the weather has cooperated and I've been enjoying some lovely drives in our very scenic province.  While I have fallen behind in my travelogs, I do have a great stockpile of images and stories to share.  So once things settle, you'll be able to read all about my adventures with fog and fossils and 35-pound lobsters.

QR Code Usage Stats
We're finally seeing an increase in qr code use at our pilot sites.  Whereas last month we only had 140 hits, this month we had 413.  That's more like it!  The top 3 sites were the Army Museum, Museum of Natural History, and les Trois Pignons Centre Culturel. Natural History's bullfrog was the most popular code of the month.

Shelburne County Museum has a qr code scavenger hunt that they are inviting visitors to do.  When completed, visitors return their sheet to staff to be entered into a prize draw - a great way to encourage visitors to check out all the codes and spend more time in the museum.