Monday, June 30, 2008

June 2008 Update

Blog Feedback

Here's what people are saying so far about the blog:

"What a great idea, the Passage blog! I've got it bookmarked!"

"I really like the blog!"

A couple people have asked me why their museum isn't listed in the list of members. This is likely because when I searched for your website, one did not appear, or was only an entry on a heritage list. If your name does not appear (or the website is incorrect) please send me the information and I'll add you right away.

Steering Committee

More changes have taken place within the Steering Committee. As you heard last month, Virginia MacIsaac had to step down as the Cape Breton representative. That position has been filled by Peyton Chisholm of the Old Sydney Society. Peyton is also the vice-president of the Association of Nova Scotia Museums, and so we look forward to his input and participation on the committee. His involvement comes at a very opportune time, as Barb Thompson has had to step down as the ANSM board representative and Southwest representative. Linda Rafuse of the Queens County Museum will be taking on the role of Southwest representative.

Thank you to Barb for all of your hard work, and welcome to the group Linda & Peyton.

Data Cleaning

Even though site visits have started up, I managed to clean 5,656 records from three museums, bringing our new grand total to 94,387 clean records. In keeping delivery fair between the regions, the next few databases to be cleaned will be from the southwest area.

Made in NS – Phase III

This year’s enrichment project is set to start on July 14th. We are now in the interview process for a project coordinator, and are confident that we will have a very strong team to assist the members’ with collections work over the coming months. As I mentioned last month, we have decided to focus on the Chenhall category of furnishings for this year’s work. Here are a few examples of items that fall under the Furnishings category: quilts, hooked rugs, furniture, quillwork boxes, lamps, and stoves. While you are not limited to these, we ask that you start with this category before branching out to others.

Also, remember that CHIN has asked everyone to submit 20 items instead of the usual 10. Now is the time to start thinking about those “made in Nova Scotia” furnishings that are in your collection. What do you want to showcase?

Database Upgrades & Site Visits

Site visits are now in full swing, which means I am out of the office on average two days a week. Summer staff have been sitting in on the training sessions and without exception have been eager to learn more about museum work.