Thursday, February 7, 2019

NovaMuse Galleries - Mirroring Temporary Exhibits

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Today's post includes a NovaMuse Contributor Gallery tip!

Looking for an easy way to generate engaging content in your contributor gallery? It can be difficult carving out time to devote to the development of online content. We understand that schedules fill up quickly and to-do lists continue to grow.

So, a simple place to start is to mirror what you have on display in your temporary exhibits in your contributor galleries. This way, you are not only adding to your museum's online presence, you are also linking your museum activity to your online activity. This helps you bridge the gap, ensures consistency and helps strengthen your museum's marketing and reach. It also gives you a platform to share your temporary exhibits with others long after they are replaced onsite. It is the perfect opportunity for you to document what your museum has on display and compare one display to the next. This allows you to identify trends and stories told throughout the years.

What if your temporary exhibit featured a neat bicycle that would take up too much space to incorporate as part of your permanent exhibit? If a gallery were made on NovaMuse, the bicycle's story would not be lost once put back in storage.

Both images:
Vector Design by

What if you have a textile collection on temporary exhibit? You may have the mannequins on loan from another museum and do not have a proper way to display the dresses after it ends. Why not share their story in a gallery? 

Even better, what if you had a temporary exhibit that featured a photograph of husband and wife, as well as, the husband's bicycle and latter he used in his business (as seen in figure 1), and his wife's dress (as seen in figure 2)? This would make a fascinating story that should live on through the NovaMuse galleries. The possibilities are endless. Be strategic, use your time 
wisely, and create a plan to share your temporary exhibits with a larger audience and for a greater length of time!

Do you have a few items on loan for your temporary exhibit from another museum and these items are on NovaMuse? Feel free to add these records as well to your contributor gallery. That's right! You can also add records from other museums on NovaMuse if it strengthens your gallery's story. 

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the NovaMuse Stories Guide! Available to download on the ANSM website - please click here. Please contact Sandi (advisory[at] once your new gallery is complete if you would like us to share the news on the NovaMuse Twitter & Facebook page.

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