Friday, April 7, 2017

#150Touchstones Update

As many of you may already know, phase two of #150Touchstones has launched!  If you are new to ANSM and our Canada 150 project: Touchstones, welcome! In this post, I will provide a brief summary of the project so far and share what we have planned for the future! But first, I invite you to follow us on our various social media platforms to receive project updates: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube
NovaMuse Pinterest: Curiosity Cabinet 1

On the NovaMuse Pinterest page, you will find inspiration for Touchstones activities! The board titled, Touchstones (Canada 150 project) contains a selection of 300 artifact images from NovaMuse that will act as a guide for teachers and students during phase two. Curiosity Cabinet 1, Curiosity Cabinet 2, Curiosity Cabinet 3, Curiosity Cabinet 4, and Curiosity Cabinet 5 are for Sample Project 3 - more on this later. Want to find out which museums have these artifacts in their collections? A list for Sample Project 3 has been included at the end of this post.

Unsure how to navigate NovaMuse? Check out the #NovaMuseTutorials on ANSM's YouTube page. Be sure to subscribe to receive notifications for new releases!
NovaMuse Pinterest: Curiosity Cabinet 2
During the initial phase of Touchstones, ANSM and its member museums asked the public to select their favourite items from museum collections on NovaMuseDuring the initial phase, the public voted for over 600 artifacts that helped shape Nova Scotia’s role in confederation and the evolution of Canada. 
What is NovaMuse? NovaMuse is a collection of collections. Museums collect material culture and documentary evidence of our past. Many of these community museums serve multiple functions, also operating as archives, art galleries, cultural and interpretive centres. Each has its own focus – based on community boundaries (town, county or province), industries (mining, shipbuilding, etc.) or specific themes (fishing, military, etc.). These collections are held in the public trust, and museums work to preserve, research, interpret and exhibit the objects in their care. This website enables contributors to showcase their collections online regardless of their geographical location, physical space or hours of operation. 
NovaMuse Pinterest: Curiosity Cabinet 3

The second phase of Touchstones launched in March 2017. ANSM is now partnering with Canadian History 11 teachers and students across Nova Scotia. Narrowing down the list of 600+ objects, students will select and curate the final 150 artifacts that they feel best fit the project's theme. The final artifacts will be featured in a virtual exhibit on NovaMuse. 

A packet containing project information and lesson plan ideas has been sent to Canadian History 11 teachers across Nova Scotia. If you have not received your packet, please contact: Received your packet? Please send an email to confirm participation as soon as possible.
We ask that students complete the Opportunity for Independent Study activity in the packet. There are also three sample projects in the packet that relate to the Canadian History 11 curriculum (see below). Teachers, please use these as inspiration for your own lesson plans. Each activity is meant to make research fun and interactive for your students.
Teachers: Please submit your students' top 30 artifacts for consideration via email: by May 18, 2017. 
We would like to give special thanks to Virginia Stephen, a member of Arts Consultants Canada for her continued guidance and support on this project.

Note: Schools participating in the Touchstones initiative may be selected as venues for an interactive presentation, which will utilize audio-visual techniques to engage and educate students. The 150 student-curated artifacts will inform the presentation and Harry Bruce's book titled, "An Illustrated History of Nova Scotia" will frame the narrative. 6 schools will be chosen to participate in the interactive presentation through a lottery, which is scheduled to take place in May 2017.

Sample Projects:

If teachers are unable to access Pinterest, here is a list of artifacts that can be used for this activity:

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