Monday, May 9, 2016

Introducing Ms. McCorquodale

Hello all! My name is Heather McCorquodale and I will be completing my internship at the Association of Nova Scotia Museums this summer as a requirement for the Museum Management and Curatorship program at Fleming College. I’m very excited to be here for the next few months as the ANSM has lots of great things on the go!

I’m originally from Prince Edward County, Ontario, which is now a bit of a tourist attraction but was (and mostly still is) very rural and quiet when I was growing up. This meant lots of time spent in the woods around our house and making art projects all the time. Growing up I had a grandmother and uncle just outside of Hamilton, who we would visit during the summer and at Christmas, and it was on these trips that my parents took my sister and I to all kinds of museums and heritage sites. After high school I decided to take Digital Photography at Durham College, and between my two years there I worked at a small museum called The Wellington Heritage Museum in Wellington, Ontario. I had a wonderful experience there as a summer student and was able to get a lot of great exposure to all the goings-on of a small museum.

There was an intern from the Museum Management and Curatorship program at the museum at the time so, in a way, she had taught me the basics of what the program I would decide to take two years later would offer. At this museum I also had the chance to combine my photographic and digital knowledge with artifacts as I was tasked with digitizing much of their canning label collection. I found it to be a lot of fun, being able to connect with parts of history while using technology and the skills I had learned at school to my advantage. A year after finishing the program at Durham, I decided to take the program at Fleming and here I am now.

Having never travelled outside Ontario before, I’m really excited to take in these new surroundings and new experiences. Halifax and the rest of the east coast seem to be amazing, filled with lots of history and fun things to see, and I know I’m in great hands at the ANSM. I’m looking forward to being able to experience a bit of the museum world and hopefully meet lots of amazing people!

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