Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Introducing Mr. Dacey

Hey, my name is Kevin Dacey, and I’m the new intern at the ANSM. I’m in my third and final year of the Applied Museum Studies Program at Algonquin College in Ottawa. I’m really looking forward to becoming immersed in Nova Scotia’s heritage community and visiting as many museums and institutions as I can.

I’ve lived my entire life in Ottawa, growing up among actors and artists in the local theatre scene. I
went to a preforming arts high school where I specialized for two years in the drama program. Following high school I took a year off to participate in Katimavik, a now, sadly, defunct volunteering program for youth aged 17-21 wherein participants volunteer for three months in two locations across Canada. I worked in a hospital on a reserve in northern Quebec and at the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach, Manitoba, which is where I discovered that work in museums might be a viable career choice. 

I don’t really remember where my passion for history comes from, but since I was young I’ve always been fascinated by the rich tales found within our history books. It blows my mind that some people have no idea about the sea of beautiful stories that they step out into every morning. So it’s always been a bit of a dream to combine my two passions, theatre and history, and bring the past to life. And I discovered the best way to do that was through museums, which leads me to where I am today.  

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