Friday, December 13, 2013

Caryn says Goodbye

These past fifteen weeks have gone by in a flash, and I have had so much fun and learned a great deal. Over the past several months I have done a variety of activities including developing a condition report and glossary (available as a resource on the ANSM website), data cleaning and working on the manufacturers’ database. I have thoroughly enjoyed all these activities, as well as working with, and learning from, all the staff here at ANSM.

Manufacturers' Database
Technical Guide

I am happy to say that I leave ANSM having completed the technical guide for the manufacturers’
database which should help as this wonderful project moves forward and grows. It is a terrific project and I look forward to nosing around NovaMuse in the future to see how it develops. The data cleaning was also pretty cool. It has allowed me a look into a variety of collections which will be invaluable in my future career (and its just plain fun!).

ANSM conference
I was also given wonderful opportunities to get out of the office, meet some new people and experience aspects of work in museums outside the realm of collections. The conference in September, the facilities management workshop, the Southwest and Central regional meetings, and several other meetings got me out of the databases, giving me some important exposure to museums in the real world. Some of these also got me out of Halifax, showing me even more of this magnificent province which I will be very sad to leave Monday as I head home to Alberta.

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