Thursday, December 15, 2011

Goodbye Cake Walk

CCI workshop

Wow! How quickly 4 months flies when you’re having fun!  On one hand, I can’t quite believe my internship has come to an end, but on the other, I look back and realize how much has been packed into my time with the ANSM.  Site visits, professional development workshops, website planning, policy writing, research projects…it’s been very busy!  I hope that these projects will all be of some use to the museums of Nova Scotia long after my internship ends.  If that work proves to be half as beneficial to all of you as it was for me, I will be a happy camper.  The work I completed, without doubt, has greatly enhanced my knowledge of museum practice and protocol, and will be wonderful asset to have in my pocket as I move forward with my career in the heritage field.

Between tagging along with Karin on site visits and my own weekend excursions, I’ve been able to meet a lot of wonderful people and visit many great museums across the entire province.  I will be taking awesome memories of whale-watching, hockey games, ghost walks, and general site seeing goodness back with me to Ontario.  However, there is still a part of me that wishes I could stay longer and experience more of Nova Scotia’s beauty and its citizen’s wonderful hospitality. 

birthday cake
A great number of thanks must be given to everyone who toured me around their sites, shared their knowledge, and handed out snacks and goodies along the way.  Pretty much all of the projects I completed during my time with the ANSM would not have been done without your guidance.  Thanks in particular to the ANSM staff for welcoming me into their ranks with open arms and providing copious amounts of cake on a regular basis.  I feel that my ability to intake sugar has reached new levels of absurdity and will have prepared me for the upcoming holiday season in ways never before witnessed.  Of course, the biggest thanks must be directed at Karin for taking me under her wing and cramming as much of her considerable expertise as possible into my brain since September.  She “exceeded my expectations” on a regular basis, and every day I was able to witness firsthand what a wonderful resource she is for museums across Nova Scotia.

So, with that, I guess that’s about it for me.  I’ll be heading back to Ontario on December 19 with a lot of mixed emotions, but with the knowledge that, in my own mind, my internship was a success in every sense of the word.  It was wonderful meeting everyone I did and for everyone I didn’t- I wish I had.  Hopefully our paths cross again somewhere down the road.  Thanks again, and Happy Holidays!
Chris with the famous Crosby dryer at the NS Sport Hall of Fame

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