Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December 2010 Update

Well I managed to miss sending a December update.  Oops.

December 9th was a fun morning for Anita and I.  We invited Paul Collins and Valerie Lenethan to the ANSM office to review the new database system.  Not only was it fun to play with the new system, but being of similar collections manager mindsets, we enjoyed our little geekfest.  We came up with a pretty big list of adjustments to be made to the new system which we're confident will make it even better and easier to use.  Remember that migration will begin in January, and before you can be migrated I need to get all of your artifact images from the Originals folder.  Please send these right away so we can get the migration going.

On December 10th we held our second social media workshop in Wolfville at the Acadia University Library. We had a great turnout and feedback from participants was good.  Tracey and I enjoyed working together and hope that this is just the beginning of an ANSM-TIANS partnership.  A special thank you to the Wolfville Historical Society who opened the Randall House Museum kitchen to us for our picnic lunch.  It was a great chance to see the Christmas displays and newly acquired Nova Scotian prints, especially for those workshop attendees from further away who had never been to the museum.
Lunch at Randall House Museum

ANSM dessert platter
Even though our office closed on December 17th for the holidays, we had three very action-packed weeks, ending in a lovely potluck with the other Cultural Federations office staff.  While there were lots of healthy food options, I always think the desserts look the best, so thought I'd share a couple images of that.  Congrats to our interns Alexandra & Josh who proved their baking skills with this event.  This is a tradition that has changed slightly over the past few years, but has quickly become a favorite event in our building.  With such amazing food this year I'm not sure how we'll top it for the 2011 potluck.

DANS dessert basket
That's all for December.  I hope everyone had a great holiday break and is feeling refreshed and ready for all the exciting things that 2011 brings.

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J Goreham-Penney said...

Whoops! It's easy to miss one here and there. Hoping ANSM have a good year in 2011!