Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 2010 Update

ITCM & Training Committee Meeting
Several members from both committees met on June 9th to discuss how Passage will evolve into a core advisory service of ANSM.  Discussions will continue over the next two months or so as we prepare to submit the SDI proposal at the end of August.  As ANSM continues to move forward, we’re excited to see how we can build on the success of Passage and offer assistance to even more museums.

ANSM Website – Resources Section
A few more sample forms and resources have been added to the ANSM website over the past month.  Now available online are a Gift Agreement, an Incident Report for Collection or Property, Loan Agreements (incoming and outgoing), and a Temporary Receipt.  Under the Management section, we have added an Intern Evaluation Form, Performance Appraisal for Employees, and Exit Interview Form

This is still a work in progress, so I’d love to hear feedback from anyone who will be customizing any of these forms for use at their museum or has a request for a specific form or policy to be available online.

Site Visits
June was a busy month for site visits.  I visited 11 museums – Acadian House Museum, Antigonish Heritage Museum, Chestico Museum, Cole Harbour Heritage Farm, Fultz House, Hector Exhibit Centre, North Highlands Community Museum, Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame, Port Hastings Museum, Scott Manor House, and/et les Trois Pignons Centre Culturel.

My office days have been pretty busy, but I will be posting pictures and tidbits of info from my travels in the near future, so stay tuned. 

Internet Marketing Report & Recommendations
One of our funding deliverables for the year was to compile a report on internet marketing, with recommendations on how museums can take advantage of available options.  A draft report has been completed and circulated to the Itchy Committee for review and discussion.  It will be available on the ANSM website once the review process is complete.

To anyone who receives MUSE magazine, look for an article on Social Media demographics written by my friend and colleague Katie Urban of the Museum of Ontario Archaeology.  It’s a fascinating look at who is engaging in conversations with Canadian museums in various social media platforms.

News from Richard
As I'm talking to people I often get questions about how my predecessor Richard Cloutier is doing out in Alberta.  I happened to be speaking with him this morning and he mentioned his museum's new children's area.  In true Richard fashion, he suggested I share a photo and let people see how the museum is reaching out to engage younger audiences:

As I mentioned on the phone here are some photos of the Red Deer Museum & Art Gallery’s children’s play area. They have mandated that they will have a play area consistent with the theme of the rotating exhibit. In this case we had an exhibit called ‘What the World Eats’ a photo essay of food consumed by families in one month from around the world. In tune with that we added ‘What Red Deer Eats’ to the show and set up the play area as a kitchen and grocery store. It was a big hit. The next exhibit is a clothing show and I believe the area will be turned into a store where kids can try on clothes from eras past. We also hope to hook up a computer so kids can do an online fashion program from one of the larger museums out there.

I know we are not a typical community museum but it shows attention for the younger audience and I am sure it could be downsized and still be effective. Up until last year they used the good ole tickle trunk. Just a thought to be shared however.

Richard Cloutier
Heritage Information Consulting

Blog Poll
Just a reminder to everyone that our current poll is asking about your database needs.  As I’ve mentioned in past posts, we have been reviewing our current system and considering alternative options.  Your input is needed.  Please vote. 

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