Monday, August 31, 2009

August 2009 Update

Steering Committee & SDI
The Steering Committee is pleased to announce that an SDI proposal was submitted in cooperation with the ANSM. Proposals will be adjudicated on September 18th, and we will let you know as soon as hear whether or not we are successful. Everyone keep your fingers crossed!

Site Visits
Due to some difficulties with car rentals, Karin and the enrichment team have had to share a vehicle for the month of August. Even so, Karin still managed to visit 10 sites in 3 of the 4 regions. Jen & Anna visited 9 sites, providing data enrichment training & assistance.

CHIN Enrichment Project
Last month you were introduced to Jen & Anna, and asked to submit your art objects for showcasing on Artefacts Canada. Thank you to everyone who has done this. So far we’ve seen carvings of south shore wildlife, watercolour landscapes from the Annapolis Valley, Acadian tapestries, oil paintings of the Cabot Trail …the list goes on and on. But we still need and want to see more!

To get you even more excited about this work, we thought we’d provide an example of this project’s success and potential. Nothing was known about this print before Jen & Anna arrived on-site. Here’s a taste of the information the museum now has about their object:

This handmade, pristine print with exceptional colour, was made for the White Starr-Dominion Line. The British shipping company is known for the devastating loss of the Titanic and also the First World War loss of the Britannica. The print was handmade and has beautiful registration; each layer of coloured ink was perfectly aligned and layed down without smears. The print was made using 4 - 5 colours of ink and was either made from woodblock reliefs or a screen-print. It was made sometime after the First World War, and most likely before 1925. The print has early elements of the art deco style including a bold, simple graphic. The modern, streamlined advertisement echos modern art movements such as Cubism, Futurism, and Bauhaus.

The girls need to know as soon as possible what objects you’d like to learn more about and then showcase on Artefacts Canada, so now is the time for you to select your 20 items and email Jen the list of accession numbers. You can pick more than 20 items if you want, and here are a few ideas on what to submit:
1. portraits of early settlers & prominent Nova Scotians
2. paintings and prints of the Nova Scotia landscape
3. sketches & drawings of local buildings, ships, events etc
4. folk art of all shapes and sizes

We’re feeling confident that this will be the best enrichment project yet, so make sure that you don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn more about the art objects in your collection.

Data Cleaning
While Karin is still on the road there will be a hiatus in data cleaning work. For those few sites still waiting to get this support, she will be in touch in October to get your database and provide this support.

Data Entry Support (aka Melanie’s work)
Melanie is approaching the 2/3 mark with Queen's County Museum's records, and is thrilled to report that things are moving much more quickly with this set of records.

Artefacts Canada Tally
Although we’ve seen continued uploading in August, we didn’t quite match our record of almost 17,000 from July. Most sites now have their entire collection online, and so we are now seeing a much more collective upload. Instead of just a few sites sending up thousands of records at once, we’re seeing fewer new records uploaded from a much broader group of sites. This is exactly what we expected to see following the release of the game plan and initial mass uploading. With 6,309 records going online in August, we now have a grand total of 110,026 records on Artefacts Canada!

Here are the current regional standings:
Southwest: 39,702
Central: 28,536
Northeast: 21,163
Cape Breton: 20,625

Congratulations to the Southwest Region for uploading the most records this month!

Blog Polls
We are still waiting to hear back from many on you about who is doing your data entry work. If you haven’t already, please check out the poll at the bottom of the page and tell us if Staff, Students, Volunteers, or a combination of these are working with the database. This information will be crucial to the Steering Committee as it plans future delivery and support methods.

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