Friday, August 22, 2008

CCI Workshop - September 26th

The Canadian Conservation Institute is coming to Truro to deliver a great workshop on dealing with seasonal preservation issues. While it will be especially geared towards seasonal museums, everyone can learn something from this great workshop. If you have any questions about the workshop feel free to contact Ian Mullan, the ANSM's new administrative assistant. He can be reached at 423-4677.

Preservation Management for Seasonal Museums

Colchester Historical Society Museum, Truro NS

September 26, 2008


MORNING: (9:00-12:00)


Seasonal Museums

- What they are

- Advantages and disadvantages

The Nature of Museum Objects: Materials and Construction

The Agents of Deterioration

- What they are

- How to recognize them

- Ways to reduce them

Building Inspections and Maintenance

- What to look for

- Building walk-around exercise (optional)


AFTERNOON: (1:00-4:30)

Maintaining Collections

- Looking at objects (condition report exercise)

- Preserving collections in storage

- Handling; Cleaning; Treatment

Seasonal Procedures for Buildings and Collections

- Fall closing

- Spring opening

- During the winter


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