Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 2008 Update

Site Visits
August was a month full of driving and visiting partner sites. I visited 29 sites in total, updating their databases, showing them what had changed, and chatting about how the season has been going.
Paul Collins (CMAP manager) and I shared a rental car and visited our members along the Cabot Trail, as well as a few who are off the beaten track. Although it was a very busy trip, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and managed to pose for a few pictures along the way. As you can see, one of our stops was at the Inverness Miner's Museum, where curator Ned Macdonald took on the extra role of photographer.
For those interested in visitor trends, it seems that things have picked up almost across the board in August, but were very quiet earlier in the summer. For those interested in weather trends, last summer I had about 2 days of rain while on the road, and this summer I’ve had about 2 days of sun.

Made in Nova Scotia – Phase III
The Made in NS enrichment team has been traveling the countryside, visiting many museums and helping them capture digital images of their collection and training them on the enrichment process. Lynn, Jen, and Peter have helped members take thousands of photos and upload them to members’ accounts on CHIN’s server. Now all that we have to do is update & upload the textual information, and our CHIN deliverables will be complete.
As a reminder, CHIN has asked that each participating site submit 20 enriched records.
If you are still struggling with what to select, try the following:
1st choice – Furnishings that were made in Nova Scotia
2nd choice – other objects that were made in Nova Scotia
3rd choice – objects that tell a great story about life in Nova Scotia

Data Cleaning
Given the fact that I was on the road almost every day this month, I have not completed any more databases. I hope to be back at this before the end of September, and as I mentioned last month, Lynn will be assisting with this work as well.

SDI Funding
Given the frenzy of emails and activity over the past few days about the 2009 SDI funding application, I do not think that it is necessary to dwell on that in my monthly report to you, the members. From Wednesday night, phone calls and emails abounded following the ANSM board decision. On Friday morning, I was informed that the Wolfville Historical Society was willing to host the SDI application on behalf of the group, and that support of this decision would be sought from the rest of the partners. Given the rapid influx of supportive emails affirming this decision, the SDI application was submitted before the 4pm deadline. The Steering Committee felt that this was an appropriate decision. If this is not what the majority of the membership wants, the application can be pulled before the adjudication process begins.
As I mentioned in the email notifying you of the blog update, the Steering Committee has asked that each member respond to this decision. If you have not already, please email me whether or not you support these actions so that I can pass this information along to the Committee. For those in favour, please send the following statement to, and CC Paul Collins at
“[Your organization] supports the Wolfville Historical Society as the lead applicant on the joint application to the Strategic Development Initiative in order to continue the work of the Passage Project in 2009”.
The Steering Committee wants to stress that this is not seen as a permanent move, nor is it meant to threaten the ANSM in any way. We are simply trying to ensure that Passage services will not be compromised.

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