Wednesday, April 30, 2008

FNSH Conference, Shelburne NS

Second conference of the month, and thankfully no jet lag to deal with for this one. Shelburne made a beautiful backdrop for the annual Federation of Nova Scotian Heritage conference, especially with the theme of "Heritage Tourism".
Congrats to the organizing committee (which included Passage folks Brenda Maxwell, Gloria Beuree, and Finn Bower) on a job well done! This was the first year that the host museum & community was asked to organize the event, and they did a wonderful job. It will be a tough act to follow.

As was discussed at the CMA conference, tourism is changing, and the department of Tourism presented its three-fold plan to deal with this fact. They will be focusing on gateway markets, core experiences, and a courtship strategy. In creating this new strategy, they view Nova Scotia as having four key brand attributes, namely:
1. old world charm
2. new world pulse
shaped by the sea
4. spirit of our people

Tourists are looking for benefits; for delight, captivation, and fulfillment; and it is up to institutions to deliver these benefits. The NS Tourism Partnership Council recognizes that this cannot be done without funding, and informed us of several different grants and funding opportunities available to cultural organizations. Among the topics that they would consider for funding were planning, design, and interpretation. More information can be access on their website.

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